The Challenge

Aging and Staying at Home

According to AARP 89% of older Americans “want to remain in their home and community for as long as possible.” The problem is that most existing homes “have structural barriers that can make it difficult for older adults and people with physical limitations to address their daily needs without assistance.”

These structural barriers often lead to older Americans falling, which forces them to leave their homes.

The CDC reports that “more than one out of four older people falls each year, but less than half tell their doctor.”

If you want to stay at home safely, you need someone who can provide a research based fall prevention program and realistic home modification recommendation through a detailed home assessment.

Latest News

Cost of Care

According to the 2018 Genworth Cost of Care Survey, the following are yearly costs associated with long term care:

  • Assisted Living Facility: $43,200
  • Nursing Home: $82,213

According to the National Association for Home Builders, the average cost of remodeling to stay at home is $15,000 which adds an additional 10 years of living in your own home.